Courtney Painter

Hi my name is Courtney Painter. I have been doing hair for three years. I am a graduate from Palmetto Beauty School. I am now an admissions and recruiting coordinator. I absolutely love my job. The best thing about my job is to start people on their journey to a whole new life. Palmetto Beauty School has changed my life.

Sara Sparks

Hello future cosmetologists! I am Sara Sparks. I’ve been in the industry for a little over 10 years. As a graduate of Palmetto Beauty School, I have accomplished many things in this industry. Traveling the US as a hairstylist for music festival artists, trained with top Stylist in our field, working as a hair and makeup artists for movies, managing a Supercuts for 3 years, and gaining my Master Barber license. I wanted more meaning in the cosmetology world, so I pursued my life long love of educating others and became a cosmetology instructor. Because I am a Cosmetologist and Master Barber, I am very knowledgeable in teaching future/ current students every aspect of our industry. I am a firm believer that you should never stop learning and give my students the best education and paths for success! 

I’m Ms. Lisa the exiting/state board prep instructor here at Palmetto Beauty. I have been doing hair all my life love and have been license in the beauty industry for 14 years. I became an instructor because I love to educate and see the lightbulb go off in students when they have learned a new technique or have process and understand the fundamentals of cosmetology theory. I always say, “nothing is impossible and if you put your mind to it you can do it!” That is my ammo. My goal and ambition is to get the students to the beauty school finish line so they can continue to build their wealth and greatness in the wonderful world of beauty!

Craig Hines

I am Craig Hines the Director of Financial Aid and Office Manager for Palmetto Beauty School. I started with Palmetto in 2012 after spending 27 years in Human Resources/Compliance field with another organization. My previous business experience has been extremely beneficial for me working in an educational environment.

Lisa Simmons

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